There have been as many as 6700 clicks on my web site.
Yet not a word. Yes. This is my first post. But The Inspiration Behind the Blog, is a post huge enough to invoke some passion and sympathy in people (be they man/ woman/ bohri/ non bohri).
Yes, there is lots I want to ask. Lots I want to say.
I have been wanting to say it since that dirty day – “WHY?”

When I found out ‘Why?’, I was 14 years old. I went mad. And yet, I asked, “WHY?” – Hoping for some logical reason.

When I found no logical explanation, I was 18 years old. Able to remember the whole unfortunate day. I prayed that I be blessed with sons only.

At 33, I feel sick and mentally disturbed because still I remember that day. And with full faith in Allah’s compassion for his creation, I know that He would not have wanted me to be hurt this way. Live this way. Constantly thinking of that day. When I am at work. When I walk. When I cook. When I eat. When I pray. Before I sleep. After I awaken. When I bathe.

And I can only believe that most of our women feel like me. But consider themselves weak to change. But I ask still, “WHY?” And “HOW CAN WE PUT OUR CHILDREN THROUGH THIS HORROR OF FGM? WHY DON’T WE FIGHT THIS TOGETHER? WHY DON’T WE ALL APPEAL FOR MERCY?”